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Great Companies for Great Company

If you happen to have read up on our articles detailing ideal destinations for beginner and advanced surfers (see our Perfect Spots for Experienced Surfers and Best Destinations for Beginners articles), then you’ll likely be at least a little more familiar with where in the world you’re likely to experience the best kind of surf for your skill level. Still, this doesn’t really get you any closer to actually being in the sea with clear blue waters lapping at your feet and barrel waves rolling enticingly over the sunny horizon: you need a means to bridge the gap between your current location and your destination. This page details a number of different surfing companies that will take the stress out of having to deal with organising the difficult parts of your surfing holiday such as arranging for surfboards to be present when you arrive and finding convenient places to stay. Sometimes it is simply easier to let a company do this for you instead of making difficult travel arrangements yourself; it is hoped that this list will help you find the perfect surfing holiday company to get you where you need to go and back again.

General Surf Holiday Companies

We have list of location-specific surf companies further down the page, but this list of general surf holiday companies are ideal for beginners and those unfamiliar with the destinations they may want to visit.

Perfect Wave Travel 

Perfect Wave Travel: surfing holiday companiy
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 0808 258 0101  
  • Physical Address: Langdon House, Langdon Rd, SA1 Swansea Waterfront, Swansea, SA1 8QY, UK
  • Email:

Nothing encapsulates the prime objective of a surfing holiday more than the name of this travel company. Catching the perfect wave is exactly what Perfect Wave Travel intend for you to be able to do, and their professionally-designed website is set up perfectly to allow you to easily navigate to the perfect surfing holiday for you.

Hit the destinations section if you have a particular place in mind that you wish to travel to, or check out the Surf Packages section if you require something a little less ordinary including group surfing trips, couples and honeymoon surfing holidays, and packages that are tailored according to  your experience level or preference of wave type.

Errant Surf

Errant Surf: surfing holiday companiy
  • Website:              
  • Phone Number: +44(0)208 133 6438
  • Physical Address: Errant Surf Ltd., 3b College Mews, London, SW18 2SJ
  • Skype: ErrantSurf

Errant surf is another worldwide surf-based travel company that provides you with a fantastic glimpse of the best destinations for your perfect surfing holiday. The homepage greets you with a wonderfully elegant design and shows you some of the most popular destinations in mini-thumbnail form, giving you a circular snapshot of where other people are choosing to spend their surfing time. Loredo in Spain, Hossegor in France, and Cornwall in the UK are all present here, as well as many more. Errant Surf doesn’t limit you to only the most popular destinations however: it covers locations in Africa, Europe, Indonesia, Australasia, the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean, and Central America.

Pre-packaged and itinerary-driven trips are also available and include boat trips, gap-year excursions, and group trips. If you’re truly stuck however, you can speak to an Errant Surf expert with the dialogue box that pops up on the homepage: a very handy little feature that makes this site unique.

Pure Vacations

Pure Vacations: surfing holiday companiy

Much like Errant Surf, Pure Vacations caters for surfing holidays across the continents and has a wonderful range of destinations all over the world that are perfect for all types of surfer. Pure Vacations have accommodation in a variety of countries and offer surfing packages for beginners (learn to surf packages for example) through to advanced surfers.

Surfer Living

Surfer Living: surfing holiday companiy
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 1 (855) 790-0009 USA/Canada / 1 (800) 731-940 Australia
  • Email:

Surfer Living is a company that takes a different approach to facilitating your surfing travels. Instead of browsing through tables and tables of destinations, you are presented with a handy search option on the homepage which allows you to enter a particular destination, and arrival and departure date; you are then presented with a variety of options according to your specified needs.

Of course, the company wouldn’t deprive you of the opportunity to browse through the available locations – this can be done on the destinations section of the website. You can also view the “top destinations”, allowing you to determine where other people are choosing due to their particularly attractive or impressive nature. The locations include California, Bali, The Dominican Republic, and many more. Bear in mind that the website is set up in blog style and is therefore not quite as easy to navigate as those listed above. This doesn’t take away from the website’s useful nature however, and it should help you along the way to booking the perfect surfing holiday in some of the best destinations in the world.

Surf Maroc

Surf Maroc: surfing holiday companiy

Surf Maroc is another website whose design is impeccable, reflecting the professional attitude of the company towards providing you with an unforgettable surfing experience. This particular company – as is indicated in the very name of the company itself – provides unique package-based experienced and is based on a stretch of Morocco’s stunning coastline. They operate surfing holidays in the incredible surfing destinations of Auberge, Taghazout Villa, or Villa Mandella, each with their own particular features and advantages listed on the Which Location? page of the website. The Which Package? page mirrors the location page in that it provides you with a table ranking each of the packages for different criteria such as difficulty of surf, the all-inclusive nature of the package, and other such features.

While not as flexible or far-reaching as many worldwide surf companies, Surf Maroc is extremely professional, has an excellent website to let you get your booking done with ease, and has packages and accommodation for all levels of skill and different preferences.

Surf Camp

Surf Camp Australia: surfing holiday companiy
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 1800 888 732
  • Physical Address: Sydney Booking Desk @ Rip Curl Store, 61 – 63 Market Street, Sydney, Australia

There’s no better destination for surfing than Australia, a place where shirtless is the norm and not surfing is far from the default stance. Surf Camp offers a fairly rigid set of packages, all based on the length of time that one will take to complete them. Packages range from the 2-day ‘weekender’ experience through to the 5-day experience, the 7-dayer (also known as ‘the search’,  and the 10-day ‘ultimate search’. If you don’t wish to commit to a block of days however, you can choose to enter into the regular daily surf lessons as well. There is even a package for high-school surfers as well.

The website’s design is pretty solid and is decidedly superior to many of the blog-based layouts out there. Though the package range is fairly prescriptive and doesn’t offer a myriad of destinations, Surf Camp is still one of the best surf-based experiences you can have whilst out in Australia.