Surfing Holidays

Surfing Holidays for Beginner Surfers

Surfing Holidays in Portugal

Looking to learn to surf and have much more fun than the waves in cold England, Wales or Scotland? Then why not take a trip abroad to some of these wave hitting beaches which more than likely will go easy on you compared to the pro beaches mentioned below.

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Surfing Holidays for Pro Surfers

surfing holidays for pros: Cloudbreak - Tavarua, Fiji

We have compiled a list of ideal locations to go surf at if your a seasoned surfer who maybe looking for new adventures on the big wave front - these destinations are definately worth checking out.

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Surfing Holiday Companies

surfing holiday companies

We have compiled a list of the best surfing holiday companies around the world which can help organise your entire surfing experience abroad in many exotic and exciting beaches and coast lines.

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